Our organization aids homeless veterans in the Detroit Metropolitan area by bringing homeless veterans together with area service providers to aid/assist them in finding a place to live, suitable employment and/or training for employment and to assist them in helping themselves get back into the mainstream of life's day to day activities. We do this by holding a community event in Southeastern Michigan called a "Stand Down." As you are probably aware, “Stand Down” is a military term referring to the removal of exhausted combat troops from the battlefield to a place of relative security/safety to rest and recover. Therefore, at our Stand Down event, we provide a secure place where the homeless can be with other homeless veterans to rest from the stresses of life on the streets.

     Every day, like the soldier in combat, the homeless veteran must continue to 'do battle.' His enemies often include lack of shelter, unemployment, physical and emotional difficulties, legal difficulties, substance abuse and hopelessness. Battling these enemies on daily basis creates a self-destructive cycle leading to complete withdrawal from mainstream American society. To aid the homeless veteran in regaining his dignity and self respect, our help is required - our organization offers a 'hand up' not a 'hand out'.

Frequently Asked Questions:  About homeless veterans