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Homeless Veterans Court

What is a Veterans Stand Down Court?

The Southeastern Michigan Veterans Stand Down Court program is designed to promote access to the 36th District Court and the Third Circuit Court. Contact with the 36th District Court will allow Veterans to resolve Misdemeanor Offenses obtained in the City of Detroit, while at the Stand Down. Reconciling their misdemeanor offense (s) with treatment programs and judicial oversight, if necessary. This alternative sentencing is designed to assist the veteran with reintegration into society and provide a constructive way to handle fines. They will also provide information on their Veteran’s Treatment Court which is committed to assisting Veterans with early intervention, treatment, and rehabilitation of defendants who have served in the military. Such early intervention can divert a veteran from a jail sentence and into substance abuse or mental health treatment. Assistance is provided for educational and employment goals. The Third Circuit Court will provide information regarding the Expungement of Felonies, as well as, provide answers to the serious issues of the Friend of the Court, such as back child support and many other answers that could prevent incarceration. They will also provide information about their Veteran’s Court program designed to serve military veterans and sometimes active-duty personnel. The Veterans Court promotes sobriety, recovery, and stability through a coordinated response that involves collaboration with traditional partners found in drug courts and mental health courts. They provide assistance for a Veteran’s smooth transition into mainstream society.

How Does It Work?

Participation in the Veterans Stand Down Court program is strictly voluntary. The 36th District Court will address misdemeanor cases only. Those cases will be heard at the Southeastern Michigan Veterans Stand Down. Only Veterans discharged from military services under conditions other than dishonorable will qualify. The Third Circuit Court will speak to Veterans on the issue of what type of felonies can be expunged and the process of how they can go about doing it. Veterans who have been carrying felonies around for years can learn how to get them expunged from a Judge who handles expungements.


How To Register?

Pre-registration is required for ALL VETERANS! NO EXCEPTIONS!! For the right to attend the 36th District Court, you must obtain an application to participate in the Veterans Stand Down Court at the Southeastern Michigan Veterans Stand Down, so please call Daniel Cushieri, a representative of the VA at 313 848-8324, and leave your name, phone number where you can be reached and the best time to return the call for a short pre-screening interview. This year the 36th District  Court sessions will be held at the 36th District Court, 421 Madison Ave. on September 20, 2022, at 9:00 am NOTICE: For program consideration, your Application to Participate in the Veterans Stand Down Court at the Southeastern Michigan Veterans Stand Down will be released to the Department of Veterans Affairs and Michigan’s 36th District Court to determine eligibility.

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